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Developed through volcanic activity derived in Granites. Subsequently, this structure has turned into rocks (black tourmaline) due to the action of pressure and heat. The tourmaline crystals are the main example of how minerals load electrically when subjected to temperature change. The have permanent electrical potential and are found in various colors and shades. It was concluded that tourmaline is the only stone that receives electrons from the atmosphere and generates continuous electricity 0.06 mA (milliamps), being from so called "Power Stone". This amazing electric nature stimulates the nervous system, regulates body temperature, respiration, heart rate, hormonal rate and increases the body's defense.

Studies confirm that tourmaline accumulates and provides users with negative ions, which in turn strengthen the vital energy of the people.


Tourmaline is called Electric Stone because captures electrons from sunlight and generates electricity. Japanese and American scientists proved that electricity stimulates the nervous system, regulates body temperature, respiration, heart rate and stimulates the hormonal rate adjusts.

Tourmaline provides negative ions and infrared light photons that activate blood circulation, fight inflammation, prevent the accumulation of toxins and assist in the renewal of the dermis (skin). It also fights the alkalinization of blood- improving the flow of blood into the arteries and prevents their hardening and blockage.



• Assists the metabolism
• Helps eliminate toxins and purifies the blood
• Energizes and activates the disposition
• Helps cells renewal
• Reduces skin roughness and stains
• Reduces cellulite, eliminate acnes and stretch marks
• Relieves the pain of arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism
• Relieves the symptoms of PMS and menopause
• Combat insomnia and constipation
• Relieves the symptoms of chronic bronchitis and asthma
• Relieves muscle pain

Other proven effects of Tourmaline stone are:
• Relieve the pain
• Combat insomnia
• Regulate the appetite
• Balance the blood pressure
• Purify the blood
• Reduce muscle tension
• Accelerate the recovery from fatigue and increase the immunological defense

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